Volbella® is an advanced new injectable filler to enhance the lips and is now available at Keller Plastic Surgery, where board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory S. Keller and his team provide top-of-the-line cosmetic treatments to residents of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and nearby areas in Southern California.

What are the benefits of Volbella®?

Volbella® is a unique injection formula that enhances the volume and contour of the lips, defines the cupid’s bow at the center of the upper lips, erases vertical lines along the lip line, and diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the chin.

Why choose Volbella® over other lip enhancers?

Volbella® is made using Allergan's proprietary Vycross™ technology, which reduces any potential swelling and bruising. Vycross™ technology results in an exceptionally smooth gel that produces a more natural look and texture. Volbella® contains hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that bonds with water and helps skin cells retain moisture and hydration.  Volbella® lip injections define the lip contour, adding volume and fullness while also treating lines and wrinkles around the lip line and in the area of the chin.  Volbella® results also last longer than those produced by most other lip enhancement products.

What can I expect from Volbella®?

The Volbella® gel formula contains lidocaine, a topical anesthetic that reduces any potential discomfort during the procedure, so most patients describe the procedure as painless. You will see immediate results after the treatment is completed, and you will continue to see improvements for several weeks as the HA in Volbella® continues to increase hydration in the lips and lower face area.

Can I combine Volbella® with other treatments?

Yes, many of our patients elect to combine Volbella® treatments with other procedures.  Dr. Keller may recommend laser treatments or other facial procedures that promote collagen production, or you may combine Volbella® with surgical procedures such as a facelift or neck lift.

Is there any downtime after a Volbella® treatment?

Volbella® requires no recovery or downtime.  The injections may cause minor swelling, but patients typically resume normal activities immediately.  We recommend using an ice pack for 20 minutes to control any inflammation or soreness. Swelling will subside within a day or so, but you should refrain from touching or biting the lips, as well as kissing, for about the first 24 hours following your treatment.

How long do Volbella® results last?

Volbella® results last about 12 months in most patients.

At Keller Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory S. Keller, Southern California residents in and around Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills can now enhance their lips and lower face with Volbella® injections. Contact one of our offices today to set up your complimentary consultation!