Spider veins can mar the appearance of your legs or face, but they can be easily treated. At Keller Plastic Surgery, Dr. Gregory S. Keller, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, and his team of dedicated specialists provide spider vein treatments for residents of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and adjacent areas in Southern California.

What causes Spider Veins?

Veins perform the important function of circulating blood from the extremities back to the heart.  Spider veins develop when veins accumulate backflow of blood, and they may appear on the legs or face, creating a mark similar to a spider’s web.  Excessive sun exposure may exacerbate spider veins in the face.  Fortunately, spider veins are not threatening to health and are easily treated.

Who is most likely to get Spider Veins?

Genetics, age, gender, and medical history all contribute to the development of spider veins, and they can develop in adults of any age. Pregnancy and obesity may also worsen the condition. People with fair skin are at greater risk of developing spider veins on the face caused by excessive exposure to sunlight.

Can spider veins be prevented?

Although we cannot control genetic factors, there are ways to minimize the risk of developing spider veins. Compression hose are beneficial for people who sit or stand all day. Also, remember to elevate the legs after long periods of standing or sitting. Proper nutrition and regular exercise also contribute to healthy blood circulation in the legs. Individuals with very fair skin must remember to use a good sunscreen of at least 30 SPF when outdoors to protect the face from developing spider veins on the cheeks.

What types of Spider Vein treatment can I choose from?

There is no one-size-fits-all with cosmetic treatments, and we provide options to accommodate different needs and conditions of different individuals. At Keller Plastic Surgery, we provide two types of spider vein treatment, as follows:

  • Sclerotherapy: This procedure is most commonly used to treat small superficial veins in the face, and works by injecting a salt-based solution into the diseased vein to irritates the vein’s lining. The vein gradually collapses and disappears on its own, and blood flow from the collapsed vein is rerouted to healthy veins.
  • Laser treatment: The Ellipse laser treats surface spider veins on the face and legs by closing down the vein, causing it to collapse and disappear gradually.  While laser treatments are safe for most skin types, they may not be ideal for some patients.  An initial consultation with our specialists will determine which therapy is most suitable to treat your particular condition.

How can Spider Vein treatment improve my appearance?

Spider veins look like red or purple spider webs on the skin and may detract from an otherwise smooth, clear appearance on the face and legs. Spider vein treatment restores a clear, youthful appearance to the treatment area, causing spider veins near the surface of the skin to gradually collapse and disappear naturally.

Eliminate unsightly spider veins in the cheeks or legs with customized spider vein treatments at Keller Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory S. Keller, and serving residents of Southern California with convenient offices in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills. Contact us today.