Keller Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory S. Keller, offers rhinoplasty procedures to men and women who reside in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and the neighboring cities in California. Dr. Keller teaches rhinoplasty to residents and fellow surgeons at UCLA and is considered an “expert” in this procedure.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a facial plastic surgery procedure dedicated to correcting a number of imperfections relating to the size or shape of the nose, such as:

  • Removing a hump or ridge on the bridge of the nose.

  • Reducing or enlarging the width of the nasal bridge.

  • Altering the size, shape, or angle of the nostrils.

  • Correcting the distance or angle between the nose and upper lip.

A rhinoplasty may also be beneficial in correcting structural problems caused by medical conditions, injuries, and genetic conditions that cause difficulty breathing, such as a deviated septum.

Is a Rhinoplasty Right For Me?

A rhinoplasty commonly referred to as a nose job is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed worldwide. Patients choose to undergo this procedure for a number of reasons, such as to improve breathing functions or to enhance the symmetry of the face and boost self-esteem and confidence. If you are unhappy with the current size or shape of your nose or suffer from breathing troubles or similar conditions from a nasal disorder, a rhinoplasty may be the right choice for you.

What Can I Expect From the Rhinoplasty Procedure?

Before undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, you will need to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Keller to determine your eligibility for the procedure. If you are in good general health with no pressing medical conditions, you can discuss your rhinoplasty options with Dr. Keller. The procedure itself is highly personalized and carefully tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs and desires. There are several techniques available, and Dr. Keller will determine which is the best approach to achieve your desired results. The options include:

  • Open Rhinoplasty. This is the most common technique used during rhinoplasty procedures, as it allows the surgeon complete access to the internal nasal structure. During the procedure, two incisions will be made on the inside and outside of the nose to allow the skin of the nose to be lifted and the surgeon to alter the internal structure of the nose as needed.

  • Closed Rhinoplasty. This procedure is less commonly used, as it allows for less direct access to the internal nasal structures because no external incisions are used. However, this technique has the advantage of leaving no visible scars. Only a board-certified specialist, such as Dr. Keller, should perform a closed rhinoplasty.

Recovery Following a Rhinoplasty

Before undergoing your rhinoplasty procedure, you will need to make arrangements to have someone drive you home after surgery, as the effects of the anesthesia may still be lingering in your system. You may also need assistance with basic care routines in the first few days, as we recommend that you rest and avoid as much activity as possible during that time. Immediately following your surgery, you will experience some tenderness and inflammation. Additionally, you will be required to keep your head elevated for 24 hours to minimize swelling, even while sleeping. Around 10 days following the procedure, the swelling will subside, and results will begin to reveal themselves. You may start to resume light, non-strenuous activities after about two weeks, however, regular physical activity should only be resumed after all of the swelling disappears.

Dr. Gregory S. Keller is a board-certified plastic surgeon that has performed countless rhinoplasty procedures throughout his career. Men and women who reside in and around Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills, California who wish to enhance their overall appearance with a nose job should contact our office to schedule a rhinoplasty consultation!