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What is the goal of Cheek Implants?

Cheek augmentation is designed to enhance the cheeks and midface region. Typically, a solid implant is positioned over the cheekbone, or implants may be used to restore volume and definition to sunken cheeks or a flattened midface. Cheek implants may also be combined with dermal filler treatments to further enhance volume and definition in the facial contour.

What are the advantages of Cheek Implants?

Cheek implants provide numerous advantages over other methods of enhancing volume in the midface region.  Dermal fillers and fat transfers may be used, but these naturally dissolve over time, and even lifting procedures may begin to sag after a few years, requiring follow-up treatments.  Cheek implants are attached to the cheekbones through a tiny incision above the gums, so they will always remain in position and never droop.  This means that cheek implants are the only form of facial rejuvenation that produces permanent results for the “volume depletion” in the mid-face. Perhaps the biggest advantage of cheek implants is that if you ever want to try a different size implant, the implants may be replaced in five minutes, so the procedure is also reversible if need be! Among all the options for rejuvenation of the midface region, cheek implants are a permanent solution to “volume depletion” of the cheek.


What types of Cheek Implants can I choose from?

Facial implants come in a variety of materials, but most implants are made of solid surgical silicone (that, unlike breast implants) does not “leak”, and, which provides a totally natural texture.  The risk of infection or rejection is extremely low with silicone implants, and this material has been used safely and successfully in plastic surgery procedures for decades. Facial implants are designed to augment specific areas. Some specifically augment the actual cheekbones, while others are used to enhance the area beneath the eyes. Many varieties of cheek implants are available, and you may choose from among the following types:

  • The malar shell implant increases volume in the actual cheekbones in patients that desire a more sculpted facial contour.

  • The submalar implant augments the sunken part of the cheek area beneath the eye and alongside the nose. This implant does not add volume to the actual cheekbones.

  • The combined submalar implant is used to augment, define, and enhance the entire midface region, combining both the submalar implant and the malar shell implant.

How long does it take to get Cheek Implants?

Cheek implant surgery is a simple and safe outpatient procedure that takes about 15 minutes per side to complete and may be performed using either local anesthesia or IV sedation.

Is there a long recovery period after Cheek Implants?

The recovery period following cheek implant procedures typically lasts a few days. Most patients return to work after three days to a week. In some patients, the ability to smile and make certain facial gestures may be impaired until the swelling resolves.

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