Dr. Gregory S. Keller is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon that performs facelifts and other cosmetic procedures at Keller Plastic Surgery, for residents of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and surrounding communities in California. Dr. Keller has pioneered advances in deep plane facelifts and published on these. It is a true “Masterlift”.

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What is the goal of a Facelift?

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that rejuvenates the facial appearance by tightening the muscles and skin on the face, improving facial contour, and achieving a smoother, more toned appearance by lifting and trimming away sagging skin. A facelift may be combined with other procedures, such as liposuction to further define and enhance facial contour. Every facelift is customized for each patient. Some patients opt for a partial or specialized facelift procedure such as a midface lift, a cheek lift, a Masterlift™ facelift, or a 96 Hour Mini-Facelift.

How can I benefit from a Facelift?

If you are approaching an age where your skin is beginning to sag, and you’re seeing the development of jowls along the jaw line, fat accumulating beneath the jaw causing a double chin effect, or noticing a loss of definition in the facial region, a facelift can treat those conditions.  A facelift rejuvenates the facial appearance by eliminating sagging skin around the face, neck, and jaw, as well as diminishing the appearance of lines, creases, wrinkles, and folds, creating a toned and youthful contour.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for a Facelift?

You may be a good candidate for a facelift if you are an adult in good general health who wishes to diminish the visible signs of aging in the face; however, Dr. Keller may recommend an alternative procedure for some patients.  During your consultation with Dr. Keller, he will evaluate the following factors in order to determine if a facelift may be right for you:

  • The condition of your skin: A facelift may be ideal for patients whose skin still retains some suppleness and elasticity.

  • Your facial bone structure: Your bone structure must sufficiently support the fatty tissue that may be relocated as part of a facelift procedure.

  • Your weight: If you are currently undergoing weight loss, it may be best to postpone the facelift until you reach your ideal weight because future weight loss may cause additional sagging in your skin and muscle tissue.

  • Your overall health and lifestyle: Patients wishing to undergo any surgical procedure must be in good overall health, free from any contraindicating medical conditions, and ideally, a non-smoker.

How is the Facelift procedure performed?

The facelift procedure requires general anesthesia and usually involves an incision that begins at the temples and runs along the natural hairline, where it is easily camouflaged. Dr. Keller will then lift the skin and muscle tissue, remove excess fat, and tighten the underlying muscles.  Excess skin is trimmed away, and the remaining skin is tightened to create a smooth and youthful contour. Dr. Keller’s facelift technique is “deep plane” that requires special skills. He also utilizes advanced techniques that lift the cheek and neck. Depending on your situation, either a “Masterlift” or a mini-lift may be prescribed.

What can I expect when recovering from a Facelift?

You will need to have someone drive you home following the surgery and someone to provide basic home care for several days while you rest. Upon completion of the surgery, your head will be bandaged to control swelling and protect delicate tissue.  In one to two days, the bandages are removed, and you may shower and wash your hair. Stitches will be removed after a week two weeks, and at this point, you may gradually resume non-strenuous activities. Full recovery may take about four to six weeks, and you may gradually increase your activity levels during this time.  Once all swelling subsides, the full results of the facelift procedure will be revealed.

Will I have visible scars after a Facelift?

The incision used during the facelift procedure produces a hairline scar that is easily camouflaged along the natural hairline. Other scars may be camouflaged within the natural creases of the face and neck.  The scars left by the procedure are very thin and will fade over time.

Does a Facelift produce permanent results?

Although the removal of fatty tissue and repositioning of muscle tissue is considered permanent, a facelift cannot deter the aging process or the law of gravity, and several factors may affect how your face changes over time, such as age, skin condition, and lifestyle. In younger patients, results naturally last much longer because the younger skin is naturally more supple. If age, sun damage, smoking, or weight fluctuations have diminished the elasticity in your skin, you may exhibit visible signs of aging again after a few years. Caring for your skin properly will also optimize your results, and we stress daily sun protection with a minimum 30 SPF.  We also recommend that you avoid smoking and follow a healthy diet and exercise regime for optimal, long-lasting results.  Some patients choose to have a follow-up treatment after several years, although in many cases, a less invasive procedure may successfully extend the results of your facelift.

There are non-invasive procedures that can continue to tighten the skin and “Maintain” your facelift, such as Ultherapy, FaceTite, Microneedling with RF!  You may also use our DefenAge products to keep your skin in good shape.  These products and procedures are the most advanced products available and, with our Rejuvalase Medi-Spa allow us to take total care of your facial rejuvenation and maintenance.  We call this approach “Integrative Rejuvenation” which combines the best and most advanced surgeries, non-invasive treatments, cosmeceuticals, and minimally invasive procedures and injections to make you look your best.

 Residents of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and the surrounding communities in California who want to rejuvenate their appearance through a facelift or other cosmetic procedure should contact Keller Plastic Surgery for a complimentary consultation.