Dr. Gregory S. Keller is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon that provides mini facelifts and customized cosmetic procedures at Keller Plastic Surgery, serving residents of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and surrounding areas in California. Dr. Keller has utilized technically advance procedure, such as Face Tite, to limit the Mini-Face Lift recovery.

What is a Mini Facelift?

The mini facelift is a less aggressive procedure than a full facelift and may be a more suitable cosmetic alternative for patients with problems such as excess skin in the lower part of the face, jowls, and sagging skin in the chin and neck.  This procedure may be ideal for patients who do not need extensive correction in the upper facial region. Patients may also combine a mini facelift with other procedures such as liposuction or Face-Tite to achieve a more toned and defined facial contour.

What is the 96 Hour Mini-Facelift?

The 96 Hour Mini-Facelift optimizes quick recuperation with powerful technology. It is an effective “technically advanced” mid-facelift with power that Dr. Keller has progressively developed over the last 25 years. A rapid recovery facelift is ideal for the patient who needs a “lift” in the mid-face with little down time and just small incisions.

How does the 96 Hour Mini-Facelift work?

Tailored to meet your specific needs and concerns – the 96 Hour Mini-Facelift can turn back the hands of time by targeting isolated problem areas to create a more youthful “fresh look” without the downtime of a traditional facelift surgery. Dr. Keller’s “technically advanced” 96 Hour Mini-Facelift procedure utilizes Face-tite, fractora, small incision, endoscopic and suspension technologies together with meticulous surgical techniques to de-age those areas and restore the quickly disappearing “youthfulness” that comes with aging. In today’s anti-aging society and competitive corporate world, looking younger is as important as feeling younger.

How does a Mini Facelift benefit younger patients?

More and more patients are choosing to have 96 Hour Mini-Facelifts at an earlier age in order to treat the signs of aging before they become too visible. For the younger patient, the 96 Hour Mini-Facelift does not create dramatic but rather subtle results by lifting and tightening loose skin and fallen structures to elevate the drooping face. These procedures can be tailored to also address the jowl, midface and neck areas.

What are the advantages of a Mini Facelift?

A mini facelift uses limited incisions and requires a shorter recovery period, with less scarring, bruising, and swelling than a regular facelift.  Using technically advanced instruments (lasers, Face-tite, and Fractora) and a meticulous surgical technique that is internationally acclaimed, Dr. Keller is able to reduce the bruising and swelling that occurs with other mini facelifts that are designed to enhance our lifestyle. Because the operations are performed in accredited outpatient surgery centers, the use of local sedation and general anesthesia are possible.

What can I expect after a Mini Facelift?

Although the mini facelift requires far less recovery than a regular facelift, you may experience some soreness, bruising, swelling, and, in some cases, a temporary numbing sensation in the skin immediately following the procedure.  These symptoms will subside naturally within two to three days to one week. Most patients are able to resume light office work and non-strenuous activities within two to three days, gradually resuming their regular physical activities.

Residents of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and nearby communities in California who want a lift without a lot of downtime should contact Keller Plastic Surgery for a complimentary consultation to learn more about Dr. Keller’s unique 96 Hour Mini-Facelift.