ACell + PRP therapy is an exciting new scientific development to treat temporary or hereditary hair loss in men, women, and children. Dr. Gregory S. Keller is a board-certified plastic surgeon specialized in facial surgery with over 25 years of experience in hair loss treatments at Keller Plastic Surgery, serving residents of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and nearby communities in Southern California.

What is ACell + PRP Therapy?

Currently, ACell + PRP therapy is the most effective non-surgical method of hair growth restoration known to science.  ACell + PRP therapy is a platelet-rich plasma injection treatment that deters shedding and restores hair growth in patients who are genetically predisposed to hair loss. The ACell + PRP injection procedure takes about 90 minutes and requires very little downtime and no daily maintenance.

What is ACell Therapy?

Stem cells are present in all tissues in the human body.  When activated by an acellular device, such as ACell’s MatriStem® (an FDA-approved medical device), stem cells recruit other cell types to the area and trigger tissue regeneration. Stem cell activation with ACell has been proven beneficial for many other clinical applications, such as wound healing, and has a broad range of uses in surgical procedures. When ACell is placed into a surgical site or wound, it stimulates adult stem cells in the area and works to repair and remodel damaged tissues. This same process will work to regenerate dormant follicular tissues, thereby producing improved quality in hair growth.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a concentration of plasma derived from your own blood and contains essential growth factors produced by your own body that when injected into the scalp or treatment site, stimulate growth in hair follicles.

How does ACell + PRP Therapy work?

An ACell + PRP treatment starts with drawing a blood sample from the patient. Then a local anesthetic is applied to the treatment area, and the injections are administered once the patient is completely numb. The process takes about 90 minutes, and recovery is quick, with minor soreness in the scalp that typically subsides within 48 hours.

What can I expect from ACell + PRP Treatments?

The results of an ACell + PRP treatment begin to develop as per the natural cycle of hair growth, about four to eight months after injections have been administered. Hair will look and feel fuller and thicker. Follow-up treatments are an essential component of the process of preserving and renewing hair growth with ACell + PRP.  Results are typically assessed every four months post-procedure, and progress tracked annually to determine when a follow-up procedure may be required to maintain thriving hair growth.  In some patients, results last for months or even years before needing an update or booster injection series.  After a search of the world literature, Dr. Keller has discovered that a series of ACell + PRP procedures may be are recommended obtain the most favorable chances for hair restoration.

Can ACell + PRP Therapy prevent future hair loss?

ACell + PRP injections help combat the physical trait of hair loss while offering an opportunity to slow and even prevent hair thinning.  When you begin treating genetic hair loss while young, regular treatments can help to preserve hair growth and discourage shedding for as long as possible, improve density and coverage, and maintain the results for months and years to come, postponing the need for more aggressive procedures until much later in life.

If you’re tired of struggling with hair loss and are looking for a non-surgical solution, ACell + PRP therapy may be the ideal solution for you. Residents of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and the surrounding communities in California who want to know more abut ACell + PRP therapy to treat hair loss should contact Keller Plastic Surgery, offering excellence in plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.